Belt Sizing

For all belts:

Measure your waist through your belt loops while wearing the trousers you will use most of the time.  The number you get will be a couple of inches bigger than your normal jean size, don't be alarmed, this is because of the added material when measuring on the outside.  The number you get is what you will use to determine where you fit on the belt sizes. If you plan on wearing IWB, this will add 2" to the measurement sometimes, you need to measure with and without the holster and determine the size range you fall into.

Belts/Duty; Fat Zombie:

These belts are made to use the double belt system so there may be about a inch or two longer to compensate for this.  Measure your waist over your trousers that you will wear the most.  The number you get will be different from your normal pant/belt size, this is the measurement I will use to make the belt. Please note that if you plan on using this as a LEO duty belt and load it out with gear you might want to go up to the next size due to all the hardware taking up space and making the belt feel too small.

Belts/Cobra; Rigger:

Most of the time these will be single belts or used as inner belts.  Take the same waist measurement as described above.  If you are using the belt for CCW work, take into account the holster and take a measurement with that as well.  I will need both of those measurements in order to make the belt.  I can make the free end as long as you want, just remember if you make the belt to accommodate a large size range, the free end will be really long.

**If in doubt please contact me first before ordering, so I can make sure you get the correct sizing you want.

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