1.75" QR Riggers Belt (QRRB-01)

img1tnThe Jones Tactical QR Riggers Belt, is a 1.75" wide riggers belt with a quick release buckle for closure. The webbing is Mil Spec 4088 Type 13, sewn with #69 thread, and the buckle is a 1.75" AustriAlpin Cobra Quick Release Buckle.




1.75" Shooters Belt (SB-175)


The Jones Tactical 1.75" Shooters Belt is a great EDC belt and is perfect for concealed carry. The belt is made with 1.75" wide 4088 Type 13 Riggers webbing, and is doubled for stiffness. An extra stiffening layer is sandwiched between the two layers of the belt for more stiffness.  This belt is considerably stiffer than our 1.75" QR Rigger or Standard Rigger Belt.




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